As-Salamu Alaykum! WE ARE... glad to see you! Penn State MSA strives but does not bound themselves only to spread the awareness of this concepts of Islam. Instead, we make sure to bring unity in the Muslims of Penn State and develop a sense of community and brotherhood/ sisterhood among Muslims. Our goal is to be new family and new home for all the Muslim students away from their home. We strive to build long-lasting relationships. Whether it's with our members or with the community, we love getting to know each other.


Prayers on Campus

There is a prayer room for use with a Wudhu section at Pasquerilla Spirtual Center. Feel free to use it. We arrange Jummah Prayers every Friday at Pasquerilla Spirtual Center. 

Jummah Prayer - 1:30 PM



“The MSA at Penn State was my favorite student-led organization throughout my college career. The executive board was comprised of diverse and passionate students who always made themselves available to the club members and their needs. The MSA always met its goals of promoting unity and humanity among Muslims and non-Muslims within the University. The club did a great job of bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds together regardless of their differences, all while providing a sense of belonging. I was fortunate enough to meet the most fun, sincere, and warm-hearted people through the MSA. The friendships and memories you make here will last a lifetime!”

— Zoha Babar
“The MSA has been the highlight of my college experience. I have made the best memories and friendships that I intend to keep for a lifetime. The best part of the MSA is a judgment free zone and the welcoming environment to both Muslims and non-Muslims. The club also promotes unity among all Muslims regardless of background and also promoting unity among the interfaith community. The MSA has helped me be very comfortable in being a Muslim at PSU. The people I met were the most sincere and genuine people and for that I was able to enjoy my time at Penn State.”
-Yaasat Nayeem


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Our Office Location

204 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center
State College, PA 16803